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Marine Engineering and Consultancy

Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey has specialized team and software to support our customer needs in engineering projects. Where typical consultancy projects include:

  • Development of Vessel Hull
  • Engineering Studies of Marine Operation
  • Vessel Running Costs Optimization
  • Marine Units Inclining Experiments / Tests
  • Motion Response Studies.
  • Stability Calculations, Developing Stability Booklets.
  • Cargo Lashing Calculations
  • Tank Calibration
  • Developing Marine Manuals
  • Vessel Lubrication Management.
  • Ship Modification with Obtaining Class Approvals.
  • Preparation of fees ability Studies.
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    Design and Engineering

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey has an excellent track record through our highly qualified employees in conceptual basic and details design. Our focus is to help achieve the right balance in terms of design and optimized operational capability for a vessel.

    We offer in house competence core activities such as:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Basic / Initial Design
  • Ship System Schematics
  • Electrical System Design
  • Off-Shore Engineering
  • Detailed Workshop Design Drawings
  • Vessel Conversion Design Modification
  • Vessel Hull Modeling
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Plan Approval Follow up with IACS Classification Societies.
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    Oil and Gas Consultant

    The Oil & Gas Sector has an extensive requirements related to the Environment, Health & Safety and thus Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey is prepared to cover Audits at Various subjects to protect the Asset Integrity through Proper Risk Assessment, to identify Gaps that needs rectification.

    CBMMP is a maintenance strategy aimed to extending vessel / Oil Rig life, increasing productivity, and lowering the daily operating costs. Unlike periodic maintenance (PM) where services are based upon scheduled intervals, CBMMP relies upon actual equipment condition to dictate when and what maintenance is required.

    Keeping productive assets fit and in proper working order is essential to any organization. Today, most maintenance is still performed either according to a set calendar schedule or according to the most ancient procedure: “if it breaks, fix it.” In this modern, data-intensive industrial environment, we can do much better and take performance to the next level with CBMMP

    Developments in recent years allowed extensive instrumentation of equipment being available. Thus better tools for analyzing condition data are now available. Maintenance personnel of today are more than ever able to decide on the right time to perform maintenance. Ideally condition-based maintenance would guide maintenance engineers to carry out only required repairs.

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey team created a blend of various methods put together to support expectation of Vessels & Oil Rigs owners and Managers covering accurate judgment during the assessment:

  • Vibration Diagnostics
    Vibration diagnostics is one of the non-destructive methods used for condition monitoring of machines in operation. All the machines while operating vibrate more or less, and with most of them the vibrations are unwanted and the effort is to minimize them. Vibration signal involves information about the cause of vibration and through its analysis using different methods, an emerging or developing fault can be detected. For rotating machines, this is usually the method that covers most possible faults.

    This technology was implemented to most industrial activities successfully, failed when tested for marine activities. (Too narrow space with many equipments sending signals distorting readings.

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey developed a technology that segregate distortion. Using this can indicate the condition of (Alternators, Turbines, Pumps, Motor bearings, Shafts alignments, … and many more.

  • Infrared Thermography
    IR thermography is a technique for producing an image of the invisible to our eyes infrared light emitted by objects due to their thermal condition. A typical type of thermography camera produces a live video picture of heat radiation intensities. More sophisticated cameras can actually measure the temperature values of any object or surface in the image fi eld-of-view and produce false colour images that make interpretation of thermal patterns easier.

    Using infra-red cameras to detect differences in heat emissions, such technology is able to identify areas and/or components that are running in excess of their power specification and therefore susceptible to failure. Using infrared guns to test the temperature at a point on the ma-chine is very popular in these days. The user should use the infra-red imagine to compare with the normal operating temperature and detect if there is any big change that can lead to a big problem.

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey trained team would support customers to achieve the best possible thermography results.

  • Lubrication Consultancy
    Lubrication is one of the main methods in protecting machineries. Maintenance and machinery lubricating strategies, Lubricating basics including the Understanding of technical Data Sheets that are essential. Causes of Oil contamination and how to control them, Oil analysis report understanding. Train maintenance engineers on best practices (Color Coding, Sampling Intervals, ..ctc) . Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey LLC Team are certified by the International Council For Machinery Lubrication. Using equipments to monitor the Lubricant condition and provide guidance on actions needed.

    One of the most common consulting projects Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey receives is relates to the optimum selection of lubricants for specific machine applications or a group of machines in a vessel. These include such lubricant applications used in motor bearing grease, hydraulic fluid, turbine oil, compressor lubricant, diesel engine lubricant, coupling grease and numerous others. Many of these entail conducting comprehensive testing of candidate lubricants to assess such things as film strength, oxidation stability, corrosion suppression, water-handling ability, air-handling ability, thickening mechanical stability and many others.

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey develops the required test slate, coordinates the laboratory work, interprets the data and presents the findings including a ranking of candidate lubricant performance. A common requirement with these types of projects is to assess compatibility of lubricants, the planned new lubricant with the current in-service lubricants (of a different type/supplier) during the switchover.
    These compatibility studies follow standardized testing protocols.

  • UT Gauging
    Ultrasonic thickness gauging is a widely used nondestructive test technique for measuring the thickness of a material from one side. It is fast, reliable, and versatile, and unlike a micrometer or caliper it requires access to only one side of the test piece. Later advances in microprocessor technology led to new levels of performance in today's sophisticated, easy-to-use miniature instruments.

    Classification societies have detailed requirements for the thickness measurement of hull structures. These requirement depend greatly on vessels type, age and length. All IACS member classifications have similar requirements since they need to comply with IACS guidelines. The allowable diminution thickness depends on the building rules of each classification. Also depending on type the societies request 1 or 2 operators. The UTM operators need to be Level II certified according with SNT-TC-1A or similar standard. Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey is an approved company by almost all IACS classification societies. The Survey Team includes many Operators Certified Level II. Finally all equipments in use are type approved and maintained with valid calibration certificates at all times.

    Albedaya Consultancy & Marine Survey Team took the extra mile providing customers with an advanced solution (CBMMP) increasing reliability, reducing the down time and saving money. Imagine being one step ahead of breakdowns, avoiding failures, and efficiently planning and scheduling maintenance.

    This program is offered idle to implement 4 times annually on a vessel or an oil rig. The Inspection Scope can also be used for Pre Purchase Inspection or Survey Arranging For dry docking (Dry Docking Specification) On-going Maintenance

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